Generator “windings” coolers with optional DOUBLE WALL LEAKAGE DETECTION
It is essential that water never leaks into the motor windings of an generator cooler.

We use a double tube wall solution in many of our generator coolers – or motor coolers and stator air coolers as they also are called. If there is a problem, water leaks to a special pathway between outer and inner tubes and then to a void at the tube plates. After that, water leaks to the outside, thus warning the chief engineer there is a problem whilst not endangering the windings. This is the reason for the common name “leak detector tubes”.

BENEFITS of Vestas aircoil generator cooler:
We have developed a production process that combines all of the same features but with more efficient “plate” fins. The result is reduced cost with increased thermal performance.
Vestas aircoil supplies these coolers to both the OEM market and also as an aftermarket replacement.
Available in a number of different material combinations to suit your needs, including copper or aluminium fins and a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous tubes.


Generator cooler for engines


Stator cooler for hydro electric turbine


General arrangement of leak detection system, with inner and outer tubes and tube plates