Minor proportions, Major performance

With the Compact Cooler, Vestas aircoil proudly presents a new concept, which provides our customers with a range of new options while insuring that they still enjoy the operational reliability properties for which our charge air coolers are renowned.

We can deliver a product that is extremely efficient, but which is so compact that it is perfect for use with 4-stroke high performance engines.

Minimum space, maximum performance

The constant rationalization of shipping and the increasing use of diesel and gas powered generating plants has given rise to a growing demand for more powerful engines that can operate for longer periods between overhauls and are quicker and easier to maintain.

In order to reach these complex requirements the Compact Cooler features space saving measures and improved design. The key design feature is the corrugated surface of the fins. The uneven surface produces the powerful turbulence that is so important for efficient heat transfer.

Vestas aircoils charge air coolers, water mist catchers, heat exchangers, shell & tube & retubing services and generator coolers are used on diesel engines (2 & 4 stroke). We have a solid track record building air coolers to engine builders and to the replacement market.


The fins

The fins are always made of pure copper.

The special profiles that are stamped into the unbroken surface of the fins are an important factor in the efficiency of the Compact Cooler.

The Tubes

Round tubes -10.6mm in diameter. Material is CU.NI 90/10. (70/30 is available too).

The diameter of the tubes and the distance between them in the Compact Cooler has both been greatly reduced in relation to the other cooling elements manufactured by Vestas aircoil. The distance between water and air has become shorter, and the heat transmission more efficient. Naturally, the tube inlet in the tube plate is round in shape.


Operations and maintenance

The closed, corrugated fins have a surface that is much less susceptible to the build-up of dust and dirt. The cooling elements are also much easier to clean, because it is easier to loosen the dirt using ordinary cleaning techniques. A guaranteed minimum distance between the fins prevents the build-up of dirt, and facilitates the regular cleaning.


The tubes are expanded within the fins themselves using the recognized “cold rolling”, a bonding method method that results in particularly efficient heat transmission.


In order to achieve high productivity and the best method for rolling the tubes into the tube plate, we have introduced robot technology and the advantages this provides with regard to high and consistent levels of quality, etc.

Vibration and resonance

Coolers made by Vestas aircoil are designed to prevent fatigue breaks caused by the influence of vibrations and resonance. The design is the result of years of experience and a calculation method that is based on the results from our own test bench.

We can supply expanded air coolers for newbuilding and replacements. The expanded solution gives full support and is resistant towards vibration.