Charge Air Coolers

Vestas aircoil a/s is well know for its expertise in the design and manufacture of charge air coolers, but sometimes it is not clear to out clients just how far we can go

We are ready to help you with services for air coolers

We will provide you with:

  • Approved thermal performance design
  • OEM quality assurance
  • FOC survey where required
  • Choice of standard or preminer versions to suit your needs

Why Vestas?

  • Experienced since 1956
  • Scandinavian quality care and service
  • Full aproval from most engine builders


Water Mist Catchers

In Spring 2010, a revison to the contruction design of Water Mist catchers was requested by Man Diesel A/S. ( The specification is detailed in spec reference 0 74 33 65 – 1 rev.1)

The new design calls for:

– Change in the angel of the “vanes” of the WMC

– an increase in the amount of welded joins between the “vanes” and the frame/ support structure

– instruction of soft gasket to secure between the WMC and the frame

The result is a significant improvement in the perfomance of the Water Mist Catcher. This documents shows the difference in simple terms and seeks to justify the better technical solution.

Vestas aircoils is the only maker approved by MAN Diesel for this upgrade. All replacement are built to this revised specification

MonoBlock air coolers

Limitations on the maximum size a fin can be produced traditionally led to a restriction of the with on the fin. Thus coolers in the past are build with multiple smaller fin “element”

Vestas has extended its maximum fin width to 77 tubes wide, big enough for almost all size of coolers – we can it a “MonoBlock” element

A MonoBlock combined with a full integral support plate means there is effectively a one piece element. Fewent components means a more robust air coolers. Perfect where there is vibration